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Pure natural ingredients 100% grown and manufactured in the USA.


They deserve and get the very best.

Unlike Universities and formal education testing facilities, I don’t conduct “terminal” testing on horses where they are fed certain diets and then killed to find out the results. I am about saving horses, not killing them.

I love my horses, I feed them myself, train them myself, ride them and adore them. They are my test pilots and they love their job. I watch their every move every day and know them intimately. They are the healthiest horses around, and they don’t get sick. They “Thrive”.

From foals to very senior horses.

Supports massive muscle growth.

Vastly superior results, supporting abundant natural health. Paying close attention to how horses eat when not interfered with by man answers my questions. My research suggests raw grains are not appropriate for horses and never have been. The concept with Thrive Feed is to mimic an ultimately potent forage food source. The nutritional support this concept supplies surpassed my greatest expectations. This product is truly exceptional. Reports from all over America attest to phenomenal results obtained now, previously thought impossible. 

If nothing else, you owe it to your horse to investigate Thrive Feed and find out the truth. There is a network of thousands of people using Thrive Feed to support and help you all along the way: you are never alone. Check out Heather from Rainbow Meadows Ranch in Sedan KS, and Simon from the Humane Society of North Texas. Two of the hundreds of incredible recovery examples.

Heather from Rainbow Meadows Ranch

Thrive Feed may be the most important equine product produced this Century

I guess I am one of the crazy one’s. A misfit, a rebel, a troublemaker. A round peg in the square holes of equine nutrition. The one who see things differently. I am not fond of rules, and have no respect for the status quo. You can quote me, disagree with me, glorify or vilify me. But one thing you can’t do is ignore me, because I will change things, and push the horse feed industry forward. And while many may see me as crazy, others see answers, because I believe, that the people who are crazy enough think they can change the world, are the one’s who do.

Dale Moulton

Changing how people feed horses. Changing horses and their owners lives.

What you feed dramatically affects the health of your horse. Your choice is, do you want a waste by-product horse, or a wholesome ingredient horse. Most horses would never have the opportunity to eat what we feed them. Seeing humans insist on altering a horses natural diet, we better at least make it work for them and not against them.

Read what Thrive Feed clients say about their experiences with this incredible product. CLICK HERE

“Thrive Feed has changed the way I view equine rescue and the way I feed my own horses. I have seen the miracle of this feed hundreds and hundreds of times. I have been blessed to be a part of the Thrive Feed miracle, and I thank Dale Moulton for persevering, and waiting for me to stop arguing, start believing, and see the true results, over and over and over again. The truth is that Thrive Feed saves lives, equine lives, and the world of horses will forever be a better place. Thank you, Dale.”

An excerpt of a letter received from the equine co-ordinator of Humane Society of North Texas

Only a  few weeks separates these two photos. Isn’t it reassuring to know you have a product capable of returning horses to glowing health without normal re-feeding issues.

Unique in every way, and nothing like normal horse feed. God Bless those who help horses.

Thrive Feed is 100% tested on horses.

My Horses, my best friends.

Major benefits for you.

Amazing benefits for your horse.

Nothing like normal horse feed.

Results that will astound you.

Discover the stories of two horses, Billie and Treasure, Blessed with a new lease on life thanks to Lisa Kiefer of Miami, Florida. She put aside everything she had learned from the experts, and listened to my “crazy” concept for health. CLICK HERE

Nate Priefert and his family are highly respected in the equine and ranching world.  Given the opportunity to feed any product on the market to their own horses Thrive Feed is now the only one Nate trusts. He didn’t want an endorsement fee, on the contrary, Nate wanted the opportunity to sell my product and impact the lives of his friends and associates with the results he is committed to promoting. I am honored to have the support of this wonderful family who go above and beyond in all they do. The self evident truths about Thrive Feed are gaining the attention of people also committed to making the horse world better.

News Flash

Thrive Feed will be available in England in the near future, the word is spreading!