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Feeding Seniors

Feeding Rates

Feeding Problems

Senior horses may consume a substantial amount of Thrive Feed in the early feeding stages, but will reduce the amount as time passes. You may notice an increase in energy levels, and also a “spark” in their eyes lacking in the past.

Many performance horses are stalled in barns, much to the detriment of their performance potential. The most common reported issue regarding initial rejection of this feed by performance horses, is when they are stalled where horses are fed a ration containing molasses. The horses smell the sweetened ration and become reluctant to eat a non flavored or sweetened feed like Thrive Feed. The  acceptance to this product by your horse or horses is going to be governed by many factors.

Pure natural ingredients 100% grown and manufactured in the USA.

Thrive Feed is appropriate for any age horse from foals to aged equines. The processing creates a “melt in their mouth” bolus that is effortless to chew and assimilate. The low digestive impact on a horses gut does not tax an old horses system, nurturing and gently supplying nutrients in a way that works with them and not against them.

Traditional feeds have to be formulated to try and deal with aged horses who have been fed raw starch for long periods. In the past, a senior horses compromised digestive system needed special consideration and senior feeds were produced to attempt to solve the problems. 

There is no such thing as senior hay and foal grass, or performance grass. All forage is treated the same way in a horses digestive system, Thrive Feed is the same way, it gets treated like grass, and because of that you can feed it free choice like grass if you need to.


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